Leafy Green Face & Body Bar

Leafy green face & body bar


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Imagine you can't wait for the rain outside to stop so you can go out and smell the air. The garden-y aroma in our organic all-natural Leafy Green Face & Body Bar will bring that experience closer to you. This luxurious body bar is perfumed with the essential oils of tarragon, pine, lavender, and fir needle and is made with only premium-quality ingredients.

If you are interested in products that enrich you holistically, our leafy green bar will have you covered (literally!) as the essential oils that it incorporates yield the noteworthy benefits of Aromatherapy. Like what benefits, you may ask?

- The essential oil of tarragon improves circulation and speeds up digestion and stimulates immunity.
- Known by dermatologists to be effective at treating various skin problems, pine essential oil is also an analgesic and a diuretic.
- The essential oil of lavender mainly serves as a calming agent that relieves pain and induces sleep. Its antiseptic and antifungal properties also make it a great skincare aid.
- Fir needle essential oil has been found to help with treating bronchitis, sinusitis, arthritis, and coughs. It also works as a remedy to stress and even as a sedative.

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