Soliflore Face & Body Bar

Soliflore face & body bar


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Stop and smell the roses with the inviting aroma of our organic, all-natural Soliflore Face & Body Bar. This luxurious bar is perfumed with the essential oils of Bulgarian rose, clary sage, and geranium and is made with only premium-quality ingredients.

If you are interested in products that enrich you holistically, our Soliflore bar will have you covered (literally!) as the essential oils that it incorporates yield the noteworthy benefits of Aromatherapy. Like what benefits, you may ask?

- The essential oil of Bulgarian rose is popular for different uses: from enlivening romance and relationships, to detoxing the liver and aiding menstrual tension and hangovers.
- Known for its antidepressant and deodorant qualities, clary sage essential oil also works as a digestive aid and aphrodisiac.
- Though the essential oil of geranium is popular for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it also helps treat acne, burns, and even depression and anxiety.

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